The reaction of HGC player Rodrigo Garza about the first EHL round at Oranje Zwart - Hoofdklasse Hockey Nederland

The reaction of HGC player Rodrigo Garza about the first EHL round at Oranje Zwart

Rodrigo, the EHL site does say that HGC is the favorite for the first EHL round. Do you agree?
“I hope it is true for the future. Last Saterday we won with 2-9 from Olympia Kolos (UKR) and Sunday with 4-2 from Pembroke Wanderers (IRL). So we are pool winners. We played the final of the Playoffs of last Dutch competition so we must have a chance, although our team has been changed since then and ofcourse we miss our top keeper Guus Vogels who stopped with his hockey carreer and the two English players Middleton and Jackson .With the EHL, brothers Vila were injured and I cope with a serious shoulder injury so played on Saterday only 25 minutes and were not able to play on Sunday. Who will be the favorite for the rest of the EHL league is now difficult to say. Last year HC Bloemendaal and Rott-Weiss Kohl where favorites, but didn’t reach the final round. RW Kohl does have big names in there team. But so far I cannot say that I have a favorite team. But if I must mention one, I think HC Bloemendaal.” Is there any future for the EHL now they do have problems with finding broadcasting partners?
“Sponsors want to have exposure for there invested money. So you need a good broadcasting system. This round was broadcasted on Sport2 and Brabant tv. I think EHL must become much bigger with more teams like the European League of football. Now the winner will have a maximum of 6 matches and that is not enough. So for me: as big as possible to get the possibility to meet more international hockey with each country there own styles of playing.” (AM)