Kookaburras co-captain Jamie Dwyer 'entirely comfortable' with Delhi | Hoofdklasse Hockey Nederland

Kookaburras co-captain Jamie Dwyer ‘entirely comfortable’ with Delhi

For the Commonwealth Games as the men’s hockey team looks to continue their tremendous winning run. The Kookaburras were in India early this year to win the World Cup in New Delhi, Dwyer believing there were more reasons to be concerned then than there are now. “I’m entirely comfortable about going,” said Dwyer, who’ll head to Delhi on Wednesday with the team. “I’ve never had a concern about going this time to India. I’ve been there three or four times before and we were lucky enough to be there in March for the World Cup. “When you go to those countries you have to be vigilant in what you eat and drink, and you just have to be a bit more careful than back here in Australia, but I’m very comfortable with what I will be eating and drinking, and where I’ll be sleeping.” Lees meer op AAP